Gerry Rothwell is a very organised and professional TCM practitioner who has treated me for sports injuries and legacy arthritic conditions for a number of years. His treatment really helped me. Gerry is patient-focused and you get a great sense that he is really working to help you get sorted quickly. He gives great advice on how to manage your condition. He is always willing to help in an emergency. I'd highly recommend him for any muscle, tendon or soft tissue injuries.

D. Byrne

Our daughter Gillian has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth and is wheelchair bound. In recent years she had developed mild/severe back pain. Two years ago, after disappointing results from conventional medicine, we decided to try acupuncture and attended Howth Acupuncture Clinic. The results have been amazing and Gillian has been more or less pain-free since. Any return of pain is immediately treated and eliminated. We are pleased to strongly endorse and fully recommend this clinic which offers excellent results in pain management

Paschal and Camillus

I first came to Gerry on the recommendation of a friend after a bad spell of respiratory issues including chest infections, pleurisy and pneumonia. Having completed nine rounds of increasingly strong antibiotics and steroids my body had had enough and I wanted to build myself back up without medication. Gerry worked with me using accupuncture, herbs and moxibustion and since my first visit with him I have not had any medication for any subsequent illness – he is now my first port of call if I feel something coming on. Gerry’s approach has completely changed my attitude to maintaining balance and best health and I’m thankful every day for that initial recommendation.

D. Murphy

I have been attending Gerry for acupuncture for a couple of years now. He has rescued me from the depths of depression and sadness on many occasions as well as dispatching many a pain and ache along the way!! I could not recommend Gerry highly enough.

T. Guerin

I have attended Gerry for acupuncture for a number of years now. Starting as someone who knew little to nothing about acupuncture I’ve now come to be a strong advocate. I’ve found that working with Gerry he’s helped me to deal with both physical and emotional issues and I now consider acupuncture as a key part of maintaining my health and well-being.

M. O'Connor

Was diagnosed with swollen discs and referred for surgery I decided to look at non invasive options. I was referred to Gerry Rothwell a year ago for acupuncture. The results have been an outstanding success with back pain reduced by 95%. Part of the process was to start personal training to strengthen core. A great process.

B.F. Aged 57

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